Working from a tiny tailor shop in Bristol, Jeremy Hackett was just an ordinary young man trying to make a decent living. Little did he know that his short acquaintance here would be a groundbreaking propel to the fashion world. Fast forward, the exposure would not only enable him to work in several boutiques but also at Savile Row.

Hackett London
Hackett London Hackett London

Unquestionably, his stint at Savile Row was an entirely new ball game where he learned more about superior workmanship. This came in handy when he opened his clothesline around 1983 and aggressively focused on balancing the classical Savile Row appeal and a modern cut men's dress code.

Hackett London has grown in heaps and bounds for more than three decades and takes pride in more than 150 stores in 30 different countries.

The most impressive is a British tailoring expert line in London and the latest addition opened in 2019, created specifically for the millennial man. They have also partnered with various eminent brands throughout the years, but the newest collaboration with Aston Martin for the Winter 21 collection has unquestionably taken the industry by storm.

Unveiling the Hackett London and Aston Martin Autumn-Winter 21 collection

Aston Martin sports cars brand is well-known on race circuits but rarely in the fashion industry. Therefore, the recent partnership with Hackett has been a breath of fresh air in the sector. In truth the 21st September 2021 partnership under the theme 'Embrace the Curves of Life,' was a much-needed stir in the market, especially to an audience eager for luxury apparel.

Hackett London
Hackett London Hackett London

In other terms, the concept sensitizes the significance of enjoying an exciting life full of zeal and passion. Typically, the automotive-inspired men's line focuses on polos, jackets, pants, t-shirts, baggage, accessories, and shorts in Aston Martin logos and colors.

It is worth pointing out that all attires in the collection celebrate the enthralling lifestyle of modern Hackett man. In addition, they support the most incredible racing lineups in motorsports. Outstanding pieces in the collection include the classic tech Velospeed jacket and iconic Hackett London Parka. Altogether, the Autumn-winter assortment introduces a distinct touch geared to keep the British heritage afresh. Basically, the collection ranges from classic Hackett to more laid-back pieces inspired by living perception boldly.

Without any doubt, this campaign brings together the zeal and elegance portrayed by Aston Martin and Hackett London. The beauty about it is that Hackett has a well reputable history of offering nothing but the best to satisfy men's various fashion needs. Thanks to impeccable tailoring and expertise associated with the brand, stakes are high that the alliance may enhance brand awareness and drive traffic to both organizations. Of course, this leads to increased sales and

Why Has Hackett stood the Test of Time?

Even before Covid hit hard, most entrepreneurships have, in one way or another, experienced the economic slump. This is partly because of rising inflation, deteriorating unemployment rates, oil cost hikes, and so forth. As a result, several companies closed shop mainly due to failure in adapting to current market trends. Hackett understands the impact of this strategy and has repeatedly put into practice the following winning marketing efforts.

  1. Online Presence

We can all agree that the pandemic has stimulated an uptick in digital sales. According to IBISWorld, the total percentage of sales conducted online spurred to a fantastic 30% in 2020. There are several online platforms that organizations put into practice to achieve these remarkable figures.

Hackett London has not been left behind and stands tall with their Workforce Management Plus policy which sets hourly sales targets for the team. This approach creates a motivational and competitive environment eventually. In addition, they have a strong presence on other platforms like email marketing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

  1. Sponsorships

Hackett London is synonymous with ageless British gentleman English style famed for perfect fit shirts and well-tailored suits. They have sponsored numerous British sports events like Cambridge Boat Race, World Cup-winning rugby stars, and Polo for decades.

The latest addition with Aston Martin has set the clothesline way apart from its rivals due to the unsullied Sportswear range. In fact, it reveals one of the most electrifying autumn collections Hackett has ever produced.

  1. Reward Clients

In normal circumstances, customers happy with a brand are always eager to spread a positive word. The best way to reward them is through discounts and frequent sales. Hackett London keeps their customers updated on the latest products and deals via email and social media platforms. The brighter side is that positive online reviews go a long way in enhancing brand reputation.

Final Thoughts

In almost every corner of the world, there is an augmented soft spot for famous British fashion attires. Hackett takes a leading position among signature manufacturers of men's clothing worldwide. In a nutshell, they offer classic but not outdated designs to the delight of their ever-expanding market base.

"Hackett London announce its partnership with the British racing driver and Formula 1 world champion, Jenson Button, for the unveiling of the Autumn-Winter 21 collection. With this exciting new collaboration, the British menswear brand celebrates the fascinating lifestyle of Hackett men. Under the concept "Embrace the Curves of Life'', Hackett London underscores the importance of living the exciting journey of life with passion."