JoJo Fletcher has already narrowed down her suitors list to the final four — Luke Pell, Jordan Rodgers, Robby Hayes, and Chase McNary — in time for Monday's episode of the ABC show The Bachelorette. Episode 8 will showcase some more drama as she heads for the hometown dates to four different locations. While these dates play a game-changing role before the season finale, JoJo has to deal with one major surprise during the rose ceremony.

Click here to watch Bachelorette season 12 episode 8 live online on ABC's official website. The show will air on 18 July at 8/7pm CT in the US.

The synopsis for the upcoming episode of The Bachelorette teases that "at the rose ceremony, JoJo is blindsided by a surprise confession from one of the men".

However, before the coveted ceremony, the 25-year-old bachelorette will go on her first date with Chase in Castle Rock, Colorado, according to an Inquisitr report. A TV Guide synopsis further teases that, "first, she visits a family who has been affected by divorce".

Hometown date number 2 will see the successful real estate developer flying to Chico in California to meet with Jordan Rodgers and his family. Jordan will reportedly take his lady love on a trip to his high school, where JoJo "learns he's not as confident as he seems" (as per the synopsis).

The real drama will begin when she pays a visit to Robby in St Augustine, Florida. Rumours surrounding the suitor and his conflicted interest as well as his past with ex-girlfriend Hope Higginbotham had been doing the rounds on the internet. During week 8, the topic will once more surface, as Robby is seen confiding in his mother. "I am in love with JoJo," he says, adding that if things go wrong at this point, he will be "devastated".

Finally, the woman at the centre of the show will enjoy a homely date with Luke and his family in Burnet, Texas. According to the synopsis, she will enjoy "an old-fashioned barbecue," with Luke, who might end up getting eliminated by the end of the episode, as per reports.

Who makes the best out of their hometown dates? Watch The Bachelorette on Mondays on ABC to find out.