Do you always seem to find your iPhone needing more storage space? With the amount of video, music, apps and photos taking their toll the management of your memory can be a challenging one but there's a simple trick that can free up more space and it only takes 30-seconds.

When you see the dreaded 'there is not enough available storage' pop up on your iPhone screen it can become a reluctant slog to delete content off your device. However, this hidden trick can help clear unnecessary cache files – meaning you won't have to delete a thing.

A Reddit user first posted the trick who noted it works best for those running with less than 1GB of capacity left. To check how much you have go to your iPhone's Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage.

To magically get yourself some extra space what you have to do is go to iTunes and attempt to rent a movie. Choose a movie that has a particularly large file size – most are picking Lord of the Rings extended editions in 1080p (The Return of the King clocks in at 9.91GB). Tap to rent – but don't worry, you won't be charged. Instead the iOS warning box will appear saying you do not have enough space. from here hit Settings. Go back into your Storage & iCloud Usage menu and you'll see you instantly have more storage space available.

The iPhone will have automatically deleted non-important in-app data history, temporary files, offline cache in a bid to prepare for the download. If you repeat the process you'll see it free up even more space on the device. Commenters on the Reddit post claimed to double and trebled space using the trick with one user seeing their storage go from 233MB to 4.9GB.

Now you've got your storage in order you'll have to work on your battery woes after Apple finally debunked the myth that deleting open apps do not save power.