I'm A Celebrity
Brian Friedman is the second celebrity to leave the camp ITV

Brian Friedman is the second campmate to leave the I'm A Celebrity jungle. The choreographer was in the final roll call along with TV presenter Yvette Fielding, and to the shock of the other celebrities, Friedman was voted out.

Speaking to Geordie hosts Ant and Dec as he left the jungle he said: "It feels amazing to be out of there. Oddly enough today I felt like I was going. Something in me said, pack up your stuff. You're going home."

Reflecting on his time in the camp he added: "I thought it would be easier. Starving, drinking water that tasted like charred water, touching things I never thought I'd touch in my life. Being with people 24-7. I never thought I could go through all that."

Brian, who was the resident cook and caretaker in the camp, had a rough ride in the jungle, but that had nothing to do with the cockroaches or critters. The snake-like venom from Lady C's acerbic tongue was the scariest part of the experience and from the outset her vitriol was directly aimed at Brian, who was the first to call her up on her condescending behaviour.

Describing her impact on the celebrities he said: "I think people were afraid of her. And once I got the lashing of her tongue, I was afraid of her too and I stepped back."

Brian did however, manage to rebuild his relationship with the jungle aristocrat after she diverted her malice to Tony Hadley and Duncan Bannatyne. After they made up, she even invited Brian to dinner in Soho, an invitation he fully intends to take her up on.

"I don't ever want to get in a fight with her. And knowing her opinion can't be changed on anything, I'll just keep my opinions to myself," he explained. "She loves food and I love food and I'll have a great date with her."

Rather you than me, Brian.

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