A security fault that leaves iPhones and iPads open to hacking when on WiFi has been fixed by Apple in its new iOS 11.1 update.

The update, which was released on 31 October, bumps up security to protect from the KRACK WiFi breach (Key Reinstallation Attack). Hackers have been able to access passwords, documents and credit card information through any device connected to a WiFi router, provided they are within signal distance.

The hack was discovered by researcher Mathy Vanhoef at KU Leuven university in Belgium in October. Vanhoef warned any device was vulnerable. "The attack works against all modern protected WiFi networks. Depending on the network configuration, it is also possible to inject and manipulate data. For example, an attacker might be able to inject ransomware or other malware into websites."

Microsoft and Linux have already released a patch, however a fix for Android is still in development.

Security researcher Alex Hudson said Android users should just consider turning off their WiFi all together. "There are plenty of nasty attacks people will be able to do this," Hudson said "They may be able to disrupt existing communications. They may be able to pretend to be other nodes on the network. This could be really bad."

Beyond security measures, Apple's iOS update also gives iPhone and iPad users more than 70 new emoji to choose from. Making the cut this round are the English and Scottish flags, new foods such as a pretzel and more animals including a zebra, giraffe and hedgehog. Dinosaurs also get added to the mix with a brontosaurus and T.Rex.

Apple Watch owners were upgraded as well, to version 4.1, which adds a radio app for streaming Apple's Internet radio stations such as ESPN and Beats 1. A WiFi toggle has been added to the Watch's control centre and Apple Watch 3 owners can now stream music from their iCloud libraries.