Some users running the beta version of the new iOS iteration have reported seeing a new iOS 9 update, which appears to be a glitch. This update pop-up has shown up just a couple of days before Apple is expected to seed the Gold Master (GM) version.

iOS 9
iOS 9 update notification due to some glitch Reddit

A number of users have reported this on the Reddit forum. The update note reads; "A new iOS update is available. Please update from the iOS 9 beta". But if you try to update by going to Settings>> Software update, the download link is missing.

"Just now got this pop up. I didn't do any changes. I tried taking a screenshot, but of course I turned the screen off. I was slightly excited but then I didn't actually have any updates," said a Redditor.

As Apple has not released this update on its developer site, this seems to be a glitch. Many users have reported the same on Twitter. However, this could be an indication that Apple is preparing for the GM version.

Apple might release iOS 9 GM shortly after the 9 September event, before it is rolled out to the public on 16 September. For the uninitiated, the GM is the final build of iOS 9, before it is makes a public appearance. With GM, developers will be able to submit compatible apps.