The recently unveiled iPhone 14 series include four smartphones. Apple's latest iPhone lineup comprises a 6.7-inch model dubbed iPhone 14 Plus. This device is slightly larger as compared to the base iPhone 14 model.

The word on the street is that the iPhone 14 Plus was originally set to debut with the iPhone 14 Max moniker. This was Apple's attempt to make its lineup more consistent, according to some reports.

Apparently, even the American tech giant thought this was the right choice at the time. Now, the hawk-eyed folks at iCreate have discovered evidence that suggests the iPhone 14 Plus should have been renamed.

The proof found on Apple's website shows the iPhone 14 Plus was originally referred to as the iPhone 14 Max. So, it is safe to assume that renaming the device iPhone 14 Plus was a last-minute decision by the Cupertino-based tech giant.

Notably, the company could have embraced this decision just ahead of official announcements. To recap, past leaks showed that Apple was gearing up to launch a large variant of the standard model at its September 7 event.

Apple fans who fancy using a larger iPhone model would normally go for the more expensive Pro model. So, this was the first time the company was expected to unveil a larger version of the standard iPhone model.

Eventually, Apple launched a 6.7-inch version of the standard iPhone called the iPhone 14 Plus at its Far Out 2022 event. However, this device was referred to as iPhone 14 Max in the rumour circuit.

This was understandable, considering that Apple has a reputation for launching large iPhones with a "Max" moniker. However, the iPhone 14 Plus name surfaced online just before the Apple event.

Proof that the name change was a last-minute decision can be found on an overview page on Apple's official website. The original iPhone 14 Max title has been found in a file name on this page featuring all iPhones.

When you try to save the iPhone 14 Plus image, the filename shows "iphone-14-max-colors." Aside from this, Apple's Newsroom still refers to the phone as iPhone 14 Max.

You can find the name in the alt tag of an image. More evidence can be found on Apple's Declaration of Conformity page, where the device is referred to as the iPhone 14 Max.

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