Nick Jones
Keira Hammond (right) attempted to revive her partner Nick Jones(left) after he was crushed by his Audi S4. Facebook

A Kent mechanic has died after being trapped underneath his Audi S4, which collapsed on top of him while he was repairing it.

Nick Jones, an experienced professional and car enthusiast, suffered "catastrophic" injuries after being crushed by his beloved car and could not be revived – despite receiving CPR treatment.

It is alleged Jones had set up a jack to steady the car as he worked beneath it, although it collapsed.

The 42-year-old was found by his girlfriend Keira Hammond, who had been out at the gym that morning and immediately called for help and phoned the emergency services.

She claimed she had used another jack to pull Jones away from the car and attempted to revive him before an ambulance arrived at the scene of the accident – adding that Jones was likely trying to lower the suspension of his car.

She said: "I yelled for help, and my three neighbours rushed round. We used another jack to raise the car again and pull Nick out. I gave him CPR to the best of my ability until the ambulance arrived."

"Nick absolutely loved his car. He was a very experienced mechanic and he was always working on it. This weekend he was going to lower the suspension."

According to Hammond, Jones also had knowledge of first aid and had discussed with her the possibility of having to perform it in a real-life scenario.

"He was a first-aider himself and did a renewal course every two years. We often talked about how we would react in a crisis; whether we would know what to do.

"My biggest comfort is that he would have been so proud of me for trying. Nick was a very loving partner and father.

"We had just reached a period in our lives where everything was going really well and we were so happy. I loved him so very much."

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Nick Jones was reportedly lowering the suspension on his Audi S4 before it collapsed onto him. IBTimes