Pop star Lily Allen has hit out British Prime Minister Theresa May, after the Conservative leader vowed to stay on in government in coalition with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) — despite failing to achieve an overall majority at the UK general election on Thursday (8 June).

Responding to the shock hung-parliament result, underpinned by an unexpected surge in support for Labour and its socialist leader Jeremy Corbyn, the 31-year-old took to Twitter to post a brief, damning assessment of May's character.

Writing on Friday (9 June) she said: "This woman is an abomination" — quickly garnering more than 1,000 likes from her followers.

The Smile hitmaker then added a #notinourgovernment hashtag, and later offered further thoughts on the election result, claiming it evidenced newfound independent thought from the British electorate.

"We won't let them talk Britain down! It's the first time in our lives the public haven't done what Murdoch told them to. That's MASSIVE".

Protests took place outside Downing Street on Friday, as anger boiled over at May's decision to work with the DUP — known for their controversial stance on gay rights, abortion and other social issues — in a desperate bid to retain power.

History of political activism

The daughter of actor Keith Allen, Lily is no stranger to expressing her political opinion in a bid to fightback against conservative rule.

Allen's left-wing views made her a target for bullying in 2016, with sections of the tabloid press branding her a "luvvie" for speaking up for migrants stranded in refugee camps.

Lily Allen
Lily Allen has a history of using social media to express her political opinions Getty

In February she temporarily relinquished control of her account after trolls mocked the stillbirth of her son when she expressed support for Muslims amid the rise of right-wing populism.

This most recent outburst follows on from her father's public support for the Labour party ahead of the election.

The 63-year-old erected a sign outside his home which read: "Care for elderly - expensive, first-time buyer - expensive, gas, water and electricity - expensive, Food - expensive, NHS - expensive, cost of voting Conservative - your children's future! Stop the rot."