The Deuce
James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal in HBO show, The Deuce HBO

Maggie Gyllenhaal flashes her breasts in a steamy scene in HBO's new drama The Deuce, starring James Franco as twin brothers Vincent and Frankie Martino.

The Deuce focuses on the seedy side of Manhattan's porn and prostitution industry in the 1970s and 1980s. Gyllenhaal plays prostitute Candy in the show, and is seen seductively stripping for a client by opening her top provocatively to expose her bare breasts.

Following this, she gropes her own breasts in the scene. Rocking retro platinum curls, the Dark Knight actress gives out a 1970's vibes in the show.

Candy ventures from prostitution into the newly legal porn business, ultimately making her way behind the camera.

Gyllenhaal opened up to Vulture about the nude scenes in the HBO series. She told the site: "Sometimes I do feel a little bit worried about the nudity being out there, but at the same time, I think that I'm using my body to make something really interesting, and I like the message that that sends my daughters."

Maggie revealed that she spoke to 1970s prostitutes while preparing for the role. The 39-year-old said: "There's this fake power structure for prostitutes where you go: 'I'm in charge, I'm going to set the price, I'm going to set the boundaries,' and yet you're alone in a room with someone that could rape you if they wanted to."

The series also stars Gary Carr, Margarita Levieva, Lawrence Gillard Jr., Dominique Fishback, Emily Meade, Gbenga Akinnagbe, Chris Bauer, Chris Coy, Natalie Paul, and Michael Rispoli.

Here is the full synopsis released by HBO:

The Deuce follows the rise of the porn culture in New York from the early 1970s through the mid-1980s, exploring the rough-and-tumble world of the sex trade from the moment when both a liberalizing cultural revolution in American sexuality and new legal definitions of obscenity created a billion-dollar industry that is now an elemental component of the American cultural landscape. Beginning in 1971, the show follows a cast of barkeeps, prostitutes, pimps, police and nightlife denizens as they swirl through a world of sex, crime, high times and violence and the porn business begins its climb from Mafia-backed massage parlors and film labs to legitimacy and cultural permanence.