Smart phone users still hesitant to embrace enhanced biometric security such as Face ID and iris scanning will soon have access to a new form of fingerprint reader.

A manufacturer - which is said to be "in the top five" - is rumoured to be unveiling a phone at CES in January that will house the fingerprint scanner beneath the screen. Most smartphones have shifted the fingerprint scanner to the back of the device to make way for bezel-less screens, while some models, such as the iPhone X, have done away with the scanner altogether.

"Clear ID" would supposedly be twice as fast as Face ID on the iPhone X. According to Synaptics, the scanner is scratch-proof and waterproof and can work in any temperature. It would not interfere with any image on the display.

There is no word yet on which phone will debut the scanner but Oppo appears to be the likely favourite. Huawei and Xiamoi are also options, Engadget believes.

Although the Samsung Galaxy S9 is rumoured to be revealed at CES, most early reports suggest the fingerprint scanner will still be on its back. It is likely to be moved away from the camera lens, which was a common complaint of Galaxy S8 users.

Apple was reportedly desperate to include the newly designed fingerprint scanner in its new iPhone models but had to shuffle its plans once it knew the tech would not be ready.