Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain will be released worldwide on Tuesday 1 September. The date was revealed when a video set to be released tomorrow leaked online. A screenshot from the IGN video confirming the date can be seen below.

Before the announcement, the video (which you can watch here until the video is taken down) shows series creator and game director Hideo Kojima discussing the game and all its innovations over previous entries in the series.

A still from the video confirming the release date. IGN

Kojima says MGS 5 will be the final Metal Gear Solid game, if not the last Metal Gear game. He describes this story as "closing the loop" to the Metal Gear Solid saga he started with the 1998 PlayStation One original.

He talks about the open-world nature of the gameplay and confirms an iteration of a Metal Gear mech will be in the game, and that it will be influenced by the sci-fi films of the 1980s-era in which the game is set.

Kojima also revealed the game's story will take on an "episodic" approach and talked about the mechanic that will allow players to create and manage their own Mother Base and defend it from other players online.He also discussed Metal Gear Online.

A few days ago. Konami and Kojima Productions teased an announcement for Wednesday 4 March. A countdown to the reveal set for 2pm GMT is still ticking down here.