Uber Taxi
A video of an Uber taxi driver being physically and verbally attacked by a Miami female doctor in an inebriated state went viral on YouTube Reuters

A Miami doctor was suspended after a video of her physically and verbally attacking an Uber driver went viral on YouTube. The incident involving Anjali Ramkissoon, a fourth-year neurology resident with Jackson Health System, happened on 17 January in Miami's Brickell area and the video was posted by someone a YouTube user identified as Juan Cinco on 19 January.

Cinco wrote in his YouTube post how it all began. It was apparently he who had called the Uber taxi involved. But when the taxi arrived, "out of nowhere the girl in the video gets in the back seat of his car and won't get out. We told the driver it was ok, to just cancel our ride, but he did not want to take her anywhere so he kept telling her to get out." That is when Ramkissoon allegedly began the physical and verbal assault on the Uber driver.

Miami police said they did not file any complaint against her. "We were called for a disturbance," said Frederica Burden, a Miami police spokeswoman. "There was no report written, and there will be no investigation".

The Uber driver reportedly did not press charges and agreed to a cash settlement. But Uber has suspended Ramkissoon's account and said the following in a statement: "Uber expects everyone associated with the platform – both drivers and riders – to conduct themselves with a shared level of respect and common courtesy, and all forms of harassment and abuse are not tolerated. We have suspended the rider account of this individual as we investigate the incident."

Officials of the Jackson Health System said Ramakissoon has been put on administrative leave with immediate effect and has been removed from "all clinical duties".

"Jackson has launched an internal investigation," said Jackson Health System spokeswoman Jennifer Piedra. "The outcome of the investigation will determine if any disciplinary action will be taken, up to and including termination," she added.

When asked about the incident, one of Ramkissoon's neighbours Ruby Ferro said, "Sometimes you're a beautiful person, but one day you have a bad day."