Godzilla Game 2015 Screenshots
Godzilla and King Ghidorah clash. Namco Bandai Games

The first screenshots of Bandai Namco's Godzilla video game have been released, showing the rampant destruction and flagrant disregard for built-up areas you'd expect.

In the shots the King of Monsters dukes it out with famous adversaries like three-headed dragon beast King Ghidorah and kitted-out robot Mecha Godzilla.

Expected to be released this summer, Godzilla: The Game is hoping to capitalise on the big success of last year's Western reboot of the famous Toho Company's iconic movie monster, which was directed by Gareth Edwards.

Starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Bryan Cranston, the reboot made $528.6 million (£351.7m) worldwide at the box office. A sequel was soon announced with Edwards returning after he has completed the first Star Wars spin-off for LucasFilm and Disney.

Godzilla: The Game was announced at last year's Game Awards held in Las Vegas in December.

In our opinion the shots look a little bland, especially for a boxed release. There's a grey and dusty veil over most of those shots and the level of detail looks mediocre. Of course it's the gameplay that really matters, and we're hoping we'll get a chance to try it out soon.

You can see the new screenshots below...

Godzilla Game 2015 Screenshot
Godzilla unleashes his atomic breath. Namco Bandai Games
Godzilla Game 2015 Screenshot
Godzilla versus some kind of nightmarish gloop monster. Namco Bandai Games
Godzilla Game 2015 Screenshot
Godzilla and King Ghidorah. Namco Bandai Games
Godzilla Game 2015 Screenshot
"Yeah, well I bet you don't have missiles do ya?" - Mecha Godzilla. Namco Bandai Games
Godzilla Game 2015 Screenshot
Atomic flatulence is a new addition to Godzilla's ARSEnal.... heh heh. Namco Bandai Games