Next-Gen OnePlus One Smartphone Confirmed to Feature Multiple Enhancements and Ultra-Affordable Price Tag
The 'budget' OnePlus One smartphone. OnePlus

If you are a potential buyer of OnePlus One 'budget' smartphone, and fretting about not being able to lay your hands on the device during the recent pre-orders, then fret not as you will get yet another opportunity at buying the smartphone.

OnePlus finally launched a proper pre-ordering system (no invite system this time around) on 27 October, for buyers looking at purchasing its 'One' smartphone. A number of buyers experienced frustration as the One Plus One pre-ordering website reported various issues such as crashes, and user inaccessibility.

According to the Chinese smartphone company, the above issues were due to the surge in web traffic as prospective buyers thronged the official website, and a few even managed to pre-order the One as well.

Another round of OnePlus One pre-orders beginning on 17 November

OnePlus has stated that it is conducting another round of pre-orders on 17 November.

The company even apologised to people who experienced issues during the 27 October pre-ordering event.

"We are also fully aware that the execution and experience for many of our fans was unacceptable. Despite a dedicated hardware platform set up for the event, our servers still had difficulty with the surge of traffic received when the pre-orders opened," states OnePlus, in an official blog post.

"This is certainly not how we wanted to kick off our first ever pre-order and we are exceptionally sorry for the inconvenience caused to so many users," stated OnePlus.

What can you look forward to, during the 17 November pre-order?

Apart from a new inventory, OnePlus states that it will enable more servers before the pre-ordering window opens, so that more web traffic can be handled by the new servers.

So, expect the official pre-ordering website to function quite normally.

Also, OnePlus states that it will expand account handling servers to the cloud, to ensure smoother handling of pre-orders.

This means that you can practically pre-order your One this time around.

Finally, if you have any feedbacks/suggestions with respect to pre-ordering and customer support, then do navigate to OnePlus' official blog post, and leave your thoughts.

A 16 GB OnePlus One roughly costs $340 (£211).