Before Game
A still from the Before trailer. Facepunch Studios

Facepunch studios showed off a new trailer for their pre-historic survival game Before at the inaugural Game Awards show in Las Vegas.

Bill Lowe was on stage to introduce the new footage, which showed off the game's stunning art style.

You can watch the new footage below...

The game's website describes Before as follows: "Guide your tribe through the challenges of a harsh and unforgiving pre-historic world, shaping their culture and defining their history.

"Finding food and shelter is an everyday struggle; and keeping your tribe safe and healthy is not always a simple task. Not only must the tribe hunt and forage each day, they must also protect their young, fend off wild animals and battle the elements."

Before comes from the minds behind Garry's Mod by Garry Newman and Rust - another very different survival game.

Before will be released on PC in 2015.