New year 2016
With another new year around the corner it's time to make resolutions Reuters

With 2016 just around the corner, many of us will be planning to bring about major changes in our lives. My New Year's resolution, for instance, will surely be hitting the gym — not that I really need it — but yes, I would want to get fitter.

My peers on the other hand wish to save some money and have a better bank balance by the end of the coming year. Whatever be the intention, one thing is for sure, it takes loads of perseverance and patience to keep one's New Year resolutions.

Shedding weight in the New Year seems to be the top promise people are making to themselves, while falling in love and spending time with family are the least chosen goals for 2016, according to trends available.

Keeping trends in mind, IBTimes UK has compiled a list of popular New Year resolutions along with tips to ensure you achieve what you want.

1. Lose weight and get in shape

This seems to be the most popular decision people are making. Obesity is a common problem in many countries due to unhealthy eating habits and lifestyles.

How to achieve it: At the beginning of the year, try and tweak your lifestyle a little and you will surely notice some amount of positivity entering your life. Reduce the intake of cheese and other fatty foods in your daily diet. Instead of fries, choose crunchy salads and munch on leafy veggies for quick snacks.

Consuming green tea and fresh fruit juices will also help. Avoid packaged soft drinks and drink more water to keep the body hydrated and active. In case you do not have time to join a gym, increase your physical activities. Avoid elevators and lifts and make use of stairs instead. Try and take up walking as a new hobby and voila! You will surely end the year on a leaner note.

2. Get more organised

Time management is one of the biggest challenges people face today. Our busy schedules take up more than half of our day, while overlapping to-do lists make it even tougher for many to lead a balanced life.

How to achieve it: To avoid piles of pending tasks that in turn burden you more, it is important to concentrate on each of the tasks individually. Moreover, record the whole process of task completion in a diary (digital or paper). By maintaining a to-do list you can stay focussed on accomplishing daily tasks.

3. Save money to enjoy life

It is true that money cannot buy happiness, but there are some occasions where money plays an important role in elevating happiness. Saving a little every month will surely help in easing the burden for the rest of the year.

How to achieve it: Financial planning is key to handling tricky monetary situations that often leave you broke. Try and identify regular expenditures and make a note of them. Thereafter, leave some money aside in the first week of each month and encourage friends and family to do so. This will help you ease the pressure in tight financial situations and could also help you enjoy a longer vacation if the money saved is not used unexpectedly.

4. Spend more time with family

In your New Year's resolution list, also add spending time with friends and family as it is the best possible way of staying happy throughout the year.

How to achieve it: All you need to do is make plans in advance and keep yourself free.

5. Quit smoking

Help your lungs feel better in 2016. It is said that an average smoker has to try at least eight to 10 times before finally quitting the habit.

How to achieve it: Keep trying. If you have some willpower, quitting the habit will not be as difficult as you think.