OnePlus 2 teaser image
Teaser image of OnePlus 2, underneath OnePlus One  (OnePlus via Imgur) OnePlus via Imgur

OnePlus has already made it official that prospective buyers of its OnePlus 2 will have to go through a process of obtaining invites to be able to buy its newest smartphone.

Now the Chinese company, which faced criticism for its invite system while selling the OnePlus One last year, has said it is revamping the way in which the OnePlus 2 will be offered to buyers.

An updated inventory

OnePlus has said the inventory for the OnePlus 2 will be at least 30 to 50 times higher than it had for the OnePlus One.

This means many more buyers will get an invite and the opportunity to buy OnePlus 2.

"Some people thought it was too difficult and time-consuming to obtain an invite or thought it was all some big marketing stunt. With the OnePlus 2, we've taken this feedback to heart and are introducing a few key improvements to the purchase experience," OnePlus said on its blog.

OnePlus will also let potential customers make time-bound reservations to obtain invites for OnePlus 2. Buyers can simply navigate to OnePlus' official website and key in their email ids to receive invites, without depending on social media forums and friends.

Invites will be shareable like last time

Buyers with an invite can also let a friend into the deal via physical shareable invites that OnePlus says will be sent faster.

OnePlus 2 is a highly anticipated product, set for a virtual reality launch on 27 July. It is expected to feature the following key technical specifications:

  • 5in display (as hinted at recently by OnePlus employees)
  • OnePlus Oxygen OS based on Android 5.0
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor
  • 16 MP rear camera
  • 5 MP front camera
  • 4GB RAM
  • 3,300 mAh Li-Ion battery.

OnePlus 2 is rumoured to be priced below $450 (£289).