A transgender woman has promised to sell her virginity to whoever offers to pay the most for her sex change operation.

Lila Rose, who is hoping to raise £15,000 for her sex reassignment surgery, has promised the highest bidder "mindblowing sex."

The 25-year-old French vlogger told The Sun that she has been transitioning for a year now and has been taking hormones.

Rose, who lives in Shepherd's Bush, London, told the newspaper that she put her virginity on sale to pay for her surgery.

"I will be a brand new and fresh woman and am willing to sell myself to the highest bidder. Whoever wins will pay for my surgery and then have sex with me after. I hope it will be good sex - it'll certainly be interesting," she said.

Rose always knew that she wanted to be a woman but her strict Muslim background left her feeling like she could not transition.

When she moved to London from France three years ago, she started wearing women's clothing and makeup. After she started using her female name, Rose decided to begin with hormone treatment.

She has had sex with men before, but believes the experience will be different once she has finished her treatment.

"No one realises how hard it is to do this and it's more money than I'll ever afford," she told potential suitors. "If you bid on me and win, I will be a virgin and you get to take it from me. It will be mindblowing. I'm here for you, guys."

Rose is not the first person to start an online 'virginity auction.' In May, an 18-year-old Austrian-German girl offered to sell her virginity on the website of Cinderella Escorts. The student said she planned to use the money to pay for her studies, flat and car. She said she was inspired by Romanian model Alexandra Khefren who sold her virginity for £2 million to a Hong Kong businessman through the escort agency.

Cinderella Escorts said in March that it had received over 300 requests from girls trying to sell their virginity through the website.

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