The blazing fall from grace of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 smartphone has become the butt of many jokes in recent weeks, with swathes of tweets, gifs and vines all poking fun at the phone's tendency to spontaneously combust.

Currently in the midst of the device's second and final recall after the South Korean manufacturer officially sounded the death knell of its flagship phablet, the ensuing public relations nightmare has shown no sign of letting up. To add yet more fuel to the fire, now even US President Barack Obama has chimed in on the messy situation.

Speaking on the topic of his health care plan at a Miami Dade College on 20 October, Obama likened issues with the Affordable Care Act (commonly referred to as "Obamacare") to Samsung's discontinued handset.

"When one of these companies comes out with a new smartphone, and it has a few bugs, what do they do? They fix it, they upgrade," he said. "Unless it catches fire and then they just, then they pull it off the market."

"But you don't go back to using a rotary phone! You don't say, well we're repealing smartphones — we're just gonna do the dial-up thing."

Footage of the 'burn' taken from a CBS broadcast quickly circulated on social media. You can watch the Note 7-referencing section of the speech for yourself in the tweet embedded below.

Obama's playful jab follows yet another PR catastrophe for Samsung, as the company was roundly criticised for issuing a DMCA takedown notice against a YouTube video showing its departing smartphone being used as an explosive weapon in the popular video game Grand Theft Auto 5.

It was also alleged in the last week that the Galaxy maker tried to silence a Chinese Note 7 owner whose device went up in flames by offering him $900 and a replacement smartphone.

With the debacle looking set for the courts in the US and South Korea over the handling of the recall and overall "consumer anxiety", Samsung is unlikely to be laughing too hard at Obama's latest presidential sass.