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A former royal aide to the late Queen Elizabeth II was given a new non-disclosure agreement by King Charles III according to royal author Valentine Low. The aide previously clashed with Prince Harry over Meghan Markle's wedding day tiara in 2018.

Angela Kelly reportedly lost her grace and favour home at Windsor Great Park after Her Majesty's death. In an updated version of his book "Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown," the author alleged that His Majesty slapped the former dresser with an "enhanced confidentiality agreement" in exchange for a new home 200 miles away in the Peak District.

The 65-year-old likewise revealed in an Instagram post in April that she is "moving to the Peak District just further on than Sheffield." She wrote, "I am moving at last to my new home which I will be able to call My Home at last" which is "not too far away" from her family.

Low claimed that her new home came "with strings attached." He wrote as quoted by Newsweek, "It was always regarded as surprising that Kelly was allowed to publish two books about her life with the Queen: no other member of the palace staff has ever been given such freedom."

He added, "It was a reflection of the closeness of her relationship with the Queen, but after the death of her boss, it is possible that King Charles had a less generous approach to such matters."

Low noted, "Was the house purchase made in return for an undertaking not to publish any more books? That sounds likely: according to one source, before leaving her job Kelly signed an 'enhanced confidentiality agreement' with the palace."

His Majesty allegedly did not appreciate that the British designer shared intimate details about his mother in an updated version of her book, "The Other Side Of The Coin: The Queen, The Dresser And The Wardrobe." She revealed how Queen Elizabeth II mourned alone in silence in her sitting room following the funeral service of her husband, Prince Philip, at Westminster Abbey in April 2021.

An unnamed insider claimed that King Charles III's "concerns were solely about protecting both the dignity of the Queen and the Crown. Nothing has changed with his mother's death. If anything, he is more determined to defend her reputation and her legacy."

Low credited another unnamed source who said that Kelly "wasn't everybody's cup of tea" and that His Majesty "didn't want to be living next door to her" but he also "had no wish to see her homeless." Negotiations eventually ensued in which "it was suggested that the King would buy her a home near Sheffield, [England], to be near her grandchildren."

Buckingham Palace has yet to comment on the author's revelations. The former royal aide will unlikely be responding to the author's claims if her reported non-disclosure agreement with King Charles III is true.

Kelly may have been close with Queen Elizabeth II, but she was not particularly friendly with Prince Harry as he made it known in his memoir "Spare." In his book, he recalled how she made it difficult for him and Meghan Markle to arrange a hair trial with her bridal tiara days before their May wedding in 2018, which his grandmother had suggested in the first place.

He said Kelly was "being obstructive" and called her "a troublemaker." He alleged that she refused to release the tiara without "an orderly and a police escort." Prince Harry agreed to all royal protocols and wrote that Kelly gave him a steely look that made him "shiver" after he signed the release form and told her that she would have made his and Meghan Markle's lives "easier" had she handed the tiara over sooner.