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The saga surrounding Prince's death continues. Getty

The doctor treating Prince the week the pop star died — possibly from a drug overdose — has been identified in court papers. Minnesota police, investigating Prince's death, served a search warrant on Minneapolis-area familiy physician Dr Michael Todd Schulenberg. Meanwhile, a man claiming to be Prince's sole child and heir is also demanding his DNA be compared with that of the late singer and songwriter, it was reported on Wednesday(11 May).

Recent medical history revealed

Court documents revealed that Schulenberg held a consultation with the singer twice, prescribed him medication, and showed up at the singer's Paisley Park studio home to deliver undisclosed test results, only to discover that Prince was dead, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The documents do not reveal what Schulenberg was treating the singer for, nor what medications he prescribed. The search warrant details two doctor visits — one a week before Prince was taken unconscious off a plane in an emergency stop for what was reportedly a drug overdose, and another on 20 April, the day before the singer's death.

At that time "some tests were performed on Prince," said the affidavit. When Schulenberg returned to drop off the test results at Prince's Paisley Park studio home the following day he "appeared on the death scene," the document states. Schulenberg could not immediately be reached for comment.

The search warrant for Prince's medical records was filed on 27 April and executed on 5 May at the North Memorial Medical Center where Schulenberg worked while treating Prince. But he is no longer employed by the center, and officials there declined to explain why the physician had left.

Prince poses for photographers with his wife Mayte
Prince poses for photographers with his wife Mayte as they arrives at the De Beer and Versace 'Diamonds are forever' charity fashion event. SINEAD LYNCH / getty

Prince Dracula: Heir to the throne?

In other related medical test news, wanna-be rap star Carlin Q. Williams, 39, who is currently serving time in a Colorado prison for illegally selling a gun, has filed a paternity claim against the estate of the late Purple Rain superstar. Williams' mother, Marsha Henson, claims she had unprotected sex with Prince in a Missouri hotel in July, 1976, according to court records. Williams, whose hip-hop moniker is Prince Dracula, was born nine months later.

Williams has a past riddled with arrests and convictions for domestic violence, drug possession and use of a firearm by a convicted felon, among other charges. Prosecutors have called him "violent and dangerous," reports the Daily Beast.

Prince died without a will directing who should receive his estate, estimated to be worth as much as $500m (£345m). If no child of his is identified, the estate will be divvied up among his sister, Tyka Nelson, and his five half-siblings.

The cause of Prince's death has yet to be determined, pending toxicology tests in his autopsy. But drugs increasingly appear to have played a major role. The opioid painkiller Percocet was found on the death scene and in Prince's system. Just days earlier he had been rushed unconscious to a hospital in Illinois in an emergency stop as the singer was flying back home from a concert in Atlanta.

A California addiction expert, Dr Howard Kornfeld, has confirmed through his lawyer that he was asked for help by a Prince representative. He sent his son, Andrew, who is not a physician, to meet Prince. But when the son arrived on the scene, he and two Paisley Park staff members found Prince unresponsive in an elevator. He was declared dead soon after he was found.

Andrew Kornfeld was carrying buprenorphine, which is sometimes used to help opioid addicts deal with withdrawal. Kornfeld planned to hand it off to a local physician — apparently not Schulenberg — who had agreed to see Prince that morning. That doctor has not yet been identified.