Anti-racism organisation Hope Not Hate reported that English Defence League protestors in Rotherham were attacked by National Front protestors and anti-fascist activists.

According to the Yorkshire EDL National Demo Facebook page, the EDL went "to Rotherham to highlight the impact of creeping Islamisation in England and to stir others into action".

A series of tweets from Hope Not Hate, allegedly sent from the scene of the march, detailed the violence.

The violence occurred after EDL protestors called National Front supports "Hitler lovers". Approximately 50 alleged members of the National Front and the ultra-nationalist Infidels of Britain, attacked the EDL marchers.

There were no further details or confirmations about anti-fascist groups being involved in the violence. South Yorkshire Police reported that 50 members of United Against Fascism were demonstrating peacefully.

Other Twitter users present reported that the EDL 'rushed' police lines, when police attempted to break the protest into two groups.

The disturbances were short-lived, as the marchers peacefully gathered outside Rotherham Police station an hour later.

During speeches by EDL representations outside Rotherham police station, one EDL speaker described the National Front as "white power scum".

Hope Not Hate has reported, again via Twitter, that there are between 500 to 600 EDL protestors in Rotherham. Other reports put numbers between 200 to 800.

The protest in Rotherham was marked by repeated scuffles and fighting between right-wing organisations. Blue_Eyes, @English_baldy

Police apology

South Yorkshire Police used Twitter to give updates on the march's protest. One tweet said that officers at the protest had been "confronted with missiles and barriers" but no injuries were reported.

Approximately 1,200 EDL supporters signed up to protest in Rotherham, after it was revealed that police and council officials ignored reports that at least 1,400 children were abused in the city, over a 16-year period, by gangs of paedophiles.

Other Twitter users have expressed disgust for members of South Yorkshire police allegedly ignoring reports of abuse.

The police force used Twitter to issue an apology in response.

Other Twitters users also condemned all the political groups involved in the protest.

ITV has reported that three men "linked to today's English Defence League march" have been arrested on suspicion of possessing and offensive weapon.