A Russian Isis supporter who is suspected of plotting a drone attack against a US aircraft has been arrested by authorities in Turkey.

Renad Bakiev was detained in the southern city of Adana over allegedly planning to carry out an Isis operation to destroy a US plane at the nearby Incirlik air base which is used by NATO troops, Turkish police said on Thursday (10 August).

The US air force uses the base near Adana as a launchpad for operations against militants in Syria and Iraq.

The Russian was charged with attempting to "stage a bomb attack aiming to bring down a US plane using a drone" at the base, according to Turkish media.

He reportedly asked other militants for 2,800 Turkish Lira (£611) to buy a drone on the Telegram messaging app, which is frequently used by Isis sympathisers.

Bakiev was also planning to attack the local Alevi community living in Adana, according to reports. Worshippers of Alevism, an offshoot of Shia Islam, form the largest religious group in Turkey after the Sunni Muslims.

The Russian national allegedly tried to justify his plan to kill Alevis by describing them as "enemies of Allah." During a police interrogation, Bakiev admitted to carrying out reconnaissance around the air base.

His plans came to light during a testimony from several suspected Isis member detained in a counterterror raid in June. The raid captured the alleged head of the Isis cell in Adana, 32-year old Abdulkerim Cakar, and ten other members.

Isis has successfully used drones in the past to carry out attacks in Syria and Iraq by placing small explosives in commercial drones.

Turkey Incirlik air base
The Russian Isis supporter was allegedly planning an attack against a US aircraft at the Incirlik air base in southern Turkey Chris Hondros/Getty Images