Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and S6
Leaked promotional banner reveals the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge two days before they are announced Reddit

After weeks of teasers and leaked photos, it seems the cat is finally out of the bag, as an official Samsung advert for the upcoming Galaxy S6 and S6 edge smartphones has appeared online.

Posted on Reddit just two days before Samsung's Unpacked event kicks off in Barcelona, the image shows both unannounced handsets with the company's 'Six Appeal' tagline and a promotional offer giving fans the chance to win a handset.

The user who posted the image, called iamdenden, has been marked by Reddit moderators as a "verified employee" of US mobile network Sprint. Although the image could be fake, it carries a tagline already used officially by Samsung in the run up to the Unpacked event, and this type of giveaway is commonplace around the launch of a new handset.

Also leaked ahead of the official announcement are the Galaxy S6's earphones (below) which have been redesigned and look similar to Apple's EarPods which come with the iPhone 6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 earphones
Earphones believed to be bundled with the as-yet unannounced Samsung Galaxy S6 appear online SamMobile

The most interesting takeaway from this image is confirmation that the Galaxy S6 edge has a screen which curves on both sides. Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge curves only on the right-hand side, while teaser images of the S6 published by Samsung haven't clearly shown both curves.

What Samsung plans to do with the curved edges remains to be seen, as it is claimed they are smaller than that of the Note Edge, and are not large enough to contain app icons, as the curved space does on the Note.

It also is not known if the S6 edge will be sold in the same markets as the regular S6, if the two phones will have different processors and performance, and if the edge model will be more expensive.

Hopefully Samsung will answer these questions at the Unpacked media event, which takes place in Barcelona and starts at 18:30 CET on 1 March.

IBTimes UK will be attending Unpacked and will be reporting from Mobile World Congress, which takes place in Barcelona from 1 March.