Five years after a home sex tape of Kim Kardashian with then boyfriend Ray J was released online, cementing her bid for stardom, a new set of graphic photos allegedly showing the reality TV star with her boyfriend has surfaced.

The photos, on sleaze website, appear to show the 31-year-old engaged in sexual acts with an unidentified male.

Celeb experts have been unable to confirm whether the woman is Kardashian. The web is abuzz with rumours that the scandal has been made up to boost her flagging career.

The 2007 sex tape and subsequent legal scandal catapulted her into the limelight after Vivid Entertainment sold it for $1m (£630,000) and she sued them for five times that amount and won,

Rumours are circulating that the latest pictures are of Kardashian and her new boyfriend Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin. But she would not be drawn on the photos or whether she was going to do anything about them.

"It will always be something & theres so many i dont have the time 2 shut them all down...& now i dont really care to either." Kim Kardashian tweeted in response to the photo realeae.

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