Reality TV show Sister Wives' Kody Brown and his four wives are busy celebrating the weddings of their daughters. But, according to a latest report, divorce rumours have hit Kody Brown and wife Robyn even though the family keeps denying the news.

A Radar Online report has claimed that the polygamist and his fourth wife Robyn are not on good terms off late and that they are on verge of separation. "She is leaving the first week in January to go back to Utah with the kids and be with her family to figure out the next step in her life. Her kids aren't being treated very well," an alleged source told the website.

Robyn delivered the couple's second child in January this year and during her pregnancy, the family suffered rumours about Kody and his first wife Meri's separation rumours.

The last season of the controversial show from TLC focussed on the polygamist's relationship with his first and fourth wife and the birth of Robyn's baby girl Ariella Mae Brown. However, the current season is more about the weddings of Madison and Mykelti. Radar Online claims that this is one major reason of the couple's alleged fight.

"This season is really focusing on Maddie's wedding and on the catfish plot. Robyn's always gotten her way, now she's totally done. She refuses to be placed on the back-burner. She burned a lot of bridges back home, but she is ready to repair old relationships. Robyn is looking to move back home full time. She has to wait till she's done with the show. Things with Kody are not the happily ever after like she was expecting," the source added.

However, in November, Robyn has dismissed similar rumours and said: "I just read that I am looking into getting a divorce and I am getting my own show? Huh? I didn't know that! What a bunch of stupid lies."

Though, the family fights complication in their relationships, the latest episodes of the show offers a happy side of them celebrating the weddings and having moments of happiness.