Blizzard is hard at work on at least six new maps for hit online shooter Overwatch, the game's director Jeff Kaplan has revealed. He also said three of those maps are "likely" to release later this year.

In a post on the game's forums, Kaplan said: "We currently have three maps in development, all past the initial play-testing phase that are 'standard' maps. While something could always change, all three of those are looking likely for a release this year."

Standard maps are those for the game's two main modes: quick play and competitive.

"We also have 3 non-standard maps in development," he added, also stating that the team has "a few other experiments going on."

These non-standard maps are likely for special events, like the ongoing Uprising event and its co-op mode, and previous events and game modes like the Halloween-themed Junkenstein's Revenge and Lucio Ball.

"Hopefully this will satisfy some of what you're looking for. We want to play on these maps as badly as you guys do," Kaplan said. "We'll work as fast as we can!"

Uprising is the latest seasonal event for the hero-based shooter, with another likely to follow over the summer. Blizzard may also mark the game's one-year anniversary in some way when that comes around at the end of May.

Overwatch currently has fourteen maps for standard play and an additional map for arena-based Arcade modes, with other tweaked maps for special timed events.

Kaplan is refreshingly open with fans, always willing to offer a little insight where other developers may keep tight-lipped.

In an interview with IBTimes UK in early April he was very open, discussing with us the importance of balancing the game even when it may annoy fans, the team's plans to improve storytelling, Project Scorpio support and more.

He also revealed that Blizzard has a "big plan" for fan-favourite character Doomfist, that the game's next playable hero is "very far along in development" and he also discussed the problem with developing a straightforward campaign for Overwatch.

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