Disney, LucasFilm and developer Kabam have revealed the first look at gameplay from Star Wars: Uprising, their upcoming free-to-play role playing game for mobile devices. The game's story will take place after the original trilogy of films.

In the gameplay preview below we see glimpses of the game's combat, inventory and character selection and creation screens. Real time co-op play and a September release window are also revealed.

Star Wars: Uprising was announced in early June. Described as a dungeon crawler by Kabam executive Aaron Loeb, the game will help bridge the 30 year gap between Return of the Jedi and this December's The Force Awakens.

It takes place in the same corner of the galaxy where the planets of Hoth (the snowy one) and Bespin (the one with Cloud City) are found. It's an area still controlled by an Imperial governor, who is attempting to keep news of the Empire's demise under wraps.

Despite being free-to-play the game won't be restricted by imposed waiting periods breaking up play and intrusive micro-transactions.

"Kabam RPG is dedicated to doing what we call 'white hat free-to-play'," said Daniel Erickson to Venture Beat. "We still have a system where you can go to the supply guy and get random rolls for loot and gear. But all that loot and gear also drops out in the world."

Star Wars: Uprising will be released in September.

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