Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell are officially dating. The pair, who were the centre of controversy in the Celebrity Big Brother house following cheating allegations, have defied the critics to confirm they are still together after leaving the house.

The pair were reunited in the Irish model's hometown of Dublin. A beaming Jeremy posted a video in which he and the 22-year-old are seen downing pints of Guinness. "Drinking guiness with my girlfriend," he captioned the video.

The loved-up couple later headed for a hotel for a romantic night together away from prying eyes. Jeremy did however, share a photo of their bed, which had rose petals scattered over it. The pair later appear to have had a food fight, after Stephanie posted a picture of herself in a dressing gown with chocolate all over her face.

Earlier Stephanie appeared on Loose Women for a candid interview in which she opened up about her former relationship with Sam Reece and her new blossoming romance. The 22-year-old faced criticism for flirting with her fellow housemate despite being in a relationship. She dumped Sam on national TV as she professed her love for Jeremy.

Revealing her last interaction with Sam, in which she made it clear that she has moved on, she said: "I sent a text to Sam the next day. I just said, 'it's nice to see you're making money off the back of me. You won't need my money now. Good luck. I've met someone I want to be with now.'

"I'm not angry. I think everything happens for a reason. It's definitely over and me and Jez are seeing each other now," she added.

Reiterating her earlier claims that the model had cheated on her, she added that she and Sam were having problems for some time. "'I knew he cheated on me time and time again. But because of my past, I couldn't leave.

"The reason I said I wanted to marry him, was because I was doing magazine interviews and I was put on the spot. I didn't know what to say. I was trying to convince myself. I was always wanting to be loved. I stayed with Sam because I thought it was what I deserved. I was angry that I had stayed with Sam, paying for everything, being taken advantage of," she explained.

Describing her feelings for Jeremy, she said: "Jez is the first man to love me for me. He gave me a belief in myself which I hadn't had for a while. I was so angry in the house because I was frustrated. I had time to think."

"When he was younger, he lost his mum, brother and sister 15 months apart and he wears a picture of them in a locket around his neck. He gave it to me to wear. That's why I was so upset, it's the only picture he has of them. He's had a terrible time and he was so young. We started falling for each other. Then I sang Amy Winehouse's Valerie on the show and he thought that was weird. It was his mum's name. I can't believe I've found someone who actually loves me," she added.

The ex-Hollyoaks star also revealed that she has suffered with low self-esteem and depression in the past, largely as a result of abusive relationships, and had even taken an overdose. Fighting back tears, she said: "A few years ago, I was with someone who took advantage of me, it was a bad time. I was depressed and I had an overdose. I couldn't see a way out. People always think I'm confident. But deep down, I'm not at all.

"I had the overdose at home, I lived on my own. I didn't have anyone there. I panicked and called an ambulance. I couldn't see and don't know what happened. Then when I realised I was alright, there was talk of organ failure."

She revealed that she had been receiving support prior to entering the Big brother house, but is now in a better place emotionally. "I was having counselling up until a couple of months ago, because I was having panic attacks," she said. "Thanks to Celebrity Big Brother, I am really at peace with myself. I'm content and Jez is a big part of that. It makes me want to be a better person. I'm so proud of myself that I came out of the other side. I was true to myself."

The public declarations of love come after the pair were allegedly heard in the midst of a blazing row at their hotel on the night of the Celebrity Big Brother final. The argument was recorded by a disgruntled hotel guest.

Stephanie could be heard saying: "Are you actually for...real...I gave up everything for you. I love you to bits. I wanted to make love tonight. Oh my God...I would have given anything!" she continues. "No, I'm telling you...No get off me, get off me, I'm done with you now...Get off me! Don't touch me, don't touch me!"

The hotel guest said: "I was in the village hotel on 6th Feb staying here for a work conference. I was woken up at 2.00am in the morning to Stephanie screaming down the corridor due to her and Jeremy having an altercation. Jeremy was staying directly opposite my room. I was looking through the hole is the door and saw it was Jeremy and Steph."

Jeremy responded to suggestions that the romance was over before it had even begun, writing on Twitter: "Me and steph have been perfect since we left the house. just to let people no. I love the girl."

Professing his love again on Loose Women, at the end of the show, presenter Ruth Langsford played a video message from Jeremy, who told her he "loved her and missed her". Ruth also revealed that Sam Reece had contacted the show to deny that he had ever cheated on Stephanie. However, the actress was not having any of it, and mouthing the words "he did", gave a thumbs down gesture.

Stephanie came runner-up on the reality show with Scotty T taking the crown. While she grew increasingly close to 25-year-old Jeremy, and declared her love for him after just 31 days together, the pair have so far defied their detractors, as they try to forge a relationship away from the cameras.

While they may have find true love, it is predicted that the new couple are also set to make millions from magazine deals and TV appearances as they go public with their romance.