Celebrity Big Brother 2016
Stephanie had another meltdown after a row with Danniella Westbrook during nominations Channel 5

Stephanie Davis was reportedly removed from the Celebrity Big Brother house last night. following another row with Danniella Westbrook and Gemma Collins. The three have been embroiled in an ongoing cat-fight, which last night, appeared to reach boiling point.

The row escalated during face-to-face nominations after former Eastenders actress Danniella nominated Stephanie, calling her up for flirting with Jeremy McConnell despite having a boyfriend.

She told her: "You will never work again off the back of this show." Hurt by the comment, Stephanie exploded telling Danniella: "Never speak to me again after this."

The dispute sparked an almighty row between the housemates with her erratic behaviour prompting Danniella and Gemma to call for her to be removed.

Celebrity Big Brother 2016
Security had to be called for the second time in the series following Stephanie's erratic behaviour Channel 5

The former Hollyoaks actress attempted to bust her way out of the diary room after demanding to see Jeremy McConnell , who was in Gillian's detox camp. She screamed: "Where's Jez please? I am leaving right now. I'm not doing this anymore."

Getting more and more enraged, she covered the camera with her hand in an attempt not to be filmed. She then left the diary room to head into the clinic to see Jeremy. Joining Jeremy in the detox clinic, Stephanie vented to him saying him: "Danniella went I will never work again after this show. Laughing in my face! I want to go now!" Attempting to placate her Jeremy said he would stand by her, adding: "I only want to be with you."

Celebrity Big Brother 2016
Stephanie and Jeremy pleaded with Big Brother to be allowed to leave the house together Channel 5

The pair then returned to the diary room to speak to Big Brother with Jeremy explaining that he thinks Stephanie has had enough and is not happy, and that he would walk out with her. They explained that that they'd both had a great time in the house, but it was possibly time to leave. Stephanie said: "I'd rather go together and not be without him! I'm sick of explaining myself."

But after speaking to Big Brother, Stephanie and Jeremy were persuaded to stay and were offered the option of spending the night in the detox clinic. While Stephanie initialy continued her rant bemoaning that: "My life has been turned upside down by this programme," the loved up couple made the most of the opportunity to share a passionate smooch.

Celebrity Big Brother 2016
Daniella later claimed she regretted her remarks about Stephanie Channel 5

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, talking to John, Gemma and Darren about the row, Daniella expressed regret for what she'd said. "I don't want her to fall apart in front of everyone, it's don't want her to fall apart in front of everyone, it's not a good place, it's hard to come back from," she explained.

"I feel so sorry for her, she's so beautiful. I wish I had kept my mouth shut. I know along the way that people have tried to help me, and I've broken their hearts."

A rep for Channel 5 told Mirror TV: "Stephanie spent the night in the detox clinic in the house, as part of this week's task. She was never removed from the house."

The Twitterverse was captivated by the latest altercation in the house, but the reaction was mixed, with many berating Stephanie and others finding sympathy for the reality TV star. One viewer remarked pointedly: "I can't imagine why Hollyoaks sacked Stephanie,"

Celebrity Big Brother continues on Channel 5.