This week saw the release of Street Fighter 5, the latest in Capcom's iconic fighting game series, so we thought we would invite professional player Ryan Hart to the IBTimes UK office to take on some enthusiastic contenders. And it went exactly as we feared it would.

Hart, otherwise known as Prodigal Son, has been playing Street Fighter professionally for more than 20 years – notching up hundreds of tournament wins and setting four Guinness World Records. The most recent was set on 16 February to mark Street Fighter 5's release, and saw him take on and defeat 260 consecutive opponents.

It is safe to say the man knows his Street Fighter and has had a fair amount of practice playing the latest game. As well as taking us on, Hart also spoke about the title and how it will impact the competitive fighting game scene in the years ahead.

Street Fighter 5, which is out now on PS4 and PC, represents a fresh start for the series, with gameplay rebuilt from the ground up with newcomers in mind. Do not fret, though, the game still retains the immense depth and complexity that will make it a stalwart for years to come.

Unfortunately, online issues and lacking single player options have hampered the game's success during these early days but free updates and DLC will help improve the experience over the weeks and months to come. You can read our review of the game.

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