Former US Attorney General Eric Holder is reportedly expected to present to the Uber board the results of his probe into allegations of sexual harassment, sexism and discrimination at the company on Wednesday. Axios reports that a later "all-hands meeting" on June 6 will discuss the findings of Holder's report with Uber employees.

"The full report is unlikely to be disseminated either internally or externally (in large part to protect the confidentiality of those who spoke with Holder and his fellow investigators)", Axios reports.

The report noted that it is unclear if the schedule will change due to the recent tragic death of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick's mother, Bonnie Kalanick, in a boating accident on Friday. Kalanick's father, Donald, was seriously injured in the accident as well.

In February, Uber hired Holder and fellow attorney at Covington & Burling, Tammy Albarran, to investigate claims of systemic sexual harassment following a scathing account by former employee Susan Fowler Rigetti.

In a blog post that quickly went viral, Fowler alleged that she was inappropriately propositioned for sex by her supervisor on her first day. Despite reporting the incident, the HR team failed to punish him because it was his "first offence" and he was a "high performer", she claimed.

She said she was later blocked from transferring to a different team despite having a "perfect performance score" and meeting all the qualifications.

Fowler also described other incidents of sexism, the oppressive work culture at Uber, the firm's dwindling number of female employees and an ongoing "game-of-thrones political war" raging within the ranks of Uber's upper management.

The chilling post not only inspired other women in the male-dominated industry to come forward with their own stories and experiences with sexism at work but also triggered a resurgence of the damaging #DeleteUber campaign.

Kalanick quickly responded to the claims, saying what was described is "abhorrent and against everything we believe in" and ordered an immediate, independent investigation.

"Anyone who behaves this way or thinks this is OK will be fired," he said at the time.

Uber board member and media mogul Arianna Huffington is also involved in the ongoing investigation. In April, Holder and Albarran requested and were granted more time to complete their investigation. Huffington noted at the time that they received information from "hundreds of employees" and said the report is expected by the end of May.

Besides the sexual harassment probe, Uber has been engulfed in a whirlwind of scandals this year including a fierce lawsuit with Google's Waymo over self-driving technology, secret tools used to thwart law enforcement and track rival Lyft drivers, an exodus of top executives and allegations of underpaying New York drivers, among others.

Top Uber executives have vowed to get the ride-hailing firm back on track and clean up its sexist and toxic work culture. The company is currently searching for a new chief operating officer to help Kalanick steer the company.

"Having spoken to hundreds of employees either personally or on the phone, and receiving hundreds of emails, it's also clear that there's a real appetite for change internally," Huffington said earlier. "Uber must change if it is to be as successful in the next decade as it has been in the last seven years.

"Going forward there can be no room at Uber for brilliant jerks and zero tolerance for anything but totally respectable behavior in an equitable workplace environment."