Jordon Saxton
Jordon Saxton, 21, was sentenced to nine years in prison after killing his 11-week-old son, Jayden. Thames Valley Police

A UK man has been jailed for manslaughter after killing his baby son in a "violent assault". Jayden Saxton, who was 11 weeks old at the time of his death, sustained multiple brain and spinal injuries after being squeezed so hard several of his ribs were broken.

His father, Jordon Saxton, 21, was sentenced to nine years in prison on Monday (5 October) following a two-week trial at Oxford Crown Court. He told the court he dialled emergency services after his son stopped breathing, and panicked as he thought something was stuck in Jayden's throat.

His son never recovered from the ordeal on 17 November 2014, and died in hospital the following day. The chief prosecutor for Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), Adrian Foster, said it was "impossible to imagine a more vulnerable victim", adding that older rib fractures discovered during the post mortem examination revealed Jayden had also sustained injuries sometime between 21 October and 4 November.

"Jordan Saxton denied causing the death of his defenceless son and offered no explanation for how he obtained his injuries," he said. "No doubt in an act of frustration with him because he would not settle, [Saxton] gripped him forcibly around the chest and shook him."

Sentencing Saxton, Justice Rabinder Singh QC said the baby's death was "undoubtedly a tragedy for everyone concerned". He told him: "No-one but you will ever know exactly what happened that afternoon. I conclude that you acted as you did in frustration at the fact that you could not settle Jayden."