Uncharted 4
Nathan Drake (North - right) and Sam (Baker). Naughty Dog

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End stars Nolan North and Troy Baker have been discussing working together and making Naughty Dog's PS4 exclusive.

The interview recorded for Game Informer (and only viewable on their website) focuses on their characters – North as series protagonist Nathan Drake and Baker as his long-lost older brother Sam – and the relationship between them.

Naughty's Dog's game picks up four years after Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, with hero adventurer Nathan Drake living happily with his love Elena, only for his brother Sam to show up and set the pair on a new treasure hunt.

Uncharted 4 Interview Nolan North Troy Baker
Nolan North (left) and Troy Baker (right). Game Informer

Nathan hasn't seen Sam in some 15 years, so the return is a shock, but that initial loss – as explained by North in the video – also informed earlier games. "The lack of Sam being in Drake's life for so long is one of the things that has driven him over the first few games, there are abandonment issues, there are all sorts of things," says North.

"It's an interesting change to see him under a different set of circumstances, it's a good opportunity to look into this character."

As for Baker, who joins the series after a successful starring role in Naughty Dog's previous game The Last of Us - he has been a fan of the studio for some time. At the start of the interview he describes playing the 2007 original for the first time and it "blowing my mind." He also says how impressed he was with the motion capture techniques used in the games.

Going on to describe his character, Baker describes Sam as a brother who has yet to move on from the pair's parting, whereas Nathan has moved on with his life and "assembled his own family" in the form of Elena and his friend Sulley.

Baker also says Sam holds a jealousy for his brother, who is every bit the adventurer he is and more. "Anything Sam can do, Nate can do better, but I don't think Sam would ever acknowledge that."

Sam and Baker debuted in gameplay footage shown off at Sony's PlayStation Experience event held in Las Vegas last December.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End will be released on PlayStation 4 later this year.