US Powerball Jackpot
The couple have a son, Adam, who works as an electrician and a daughter, Tiffany, who lives nearby at her late grandparents' home Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images

Tennessee couple John and Lisa Robinson who won the US Powerball jackpot said they would not quit their day jobs and would not make any huge purchases with the money. Their priority will be to pay off their loans, including their daughter's student loans.

John said he would help some of his friends, donate to the St Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis and to their church. The couple are not planning to shift from their one-storey house, which is in a closed community.

John works as a warehouse supervisor and Lisa's employed at a dermatologist's office.

"That's what we've done all our lives, is work," John Robinson said. "You just can't sit down and lay down and not do nothing anymore. Because how long are you going to last? We do want to enjoy a little bit of our earnings, and maybe invest a little bit of it so our son and daughter will have it and they'll never need anything again."

Their lives changed forever when John bought four Powerball tickets at his wife's request just a few hours before the 13 January live TV draw. He then went to sleep because he was feeling unwell.

After checking the numbers thrice, Lisa alerted her husband. "I went running down the hallway, 'John, John, you've got to check these numbers'," she told him.

The couple have a son, Adam, who works as an electrician and a daughter, Tiffany, who lives at her late grandparents' home. They plan to buy a pet horse for their daughter.

"My first thought was, I've always wanted a horse," she said and added, "I get a horse now. My dad always said, 'When I win the lottery'."

The couple's lump sum payout is about $327m (£230m, €300m). The ticket for Wednesday night's drawing was bought at a grocery store in their west Tennessee hometown of Munford, that has around 6,000 inhabitants. Two other winning tickets were purchased in California and Florida.