Vauxhall has issued an alert after dozens of its cars spontaneously burst into flames. More than 130 Zafira owners have reported overheating problems behind the glove-box area, with some developing into fires.

The car manufacturer said it was investigating the problem, though it is stopping short of issuing a full recall of the Zafira B model, which was made between 2005 and 2014. Around 280,000 of the cars are estimated to be on the road across the UK.

Some of those affected have used Facbook to upload photographs and videos of the damage, contributing their stories to the "Vauxhall Zafira car fires" group, which now has nearly 9,000 members.

"When we find the root cause we will take the next step. That could be a recall, whatever, we've just got to get to that root cause, that's a key thing for us," a spokesperson told Sky News on Thursday. "Book the vehicle in for a check and the vehicle will be inspected professionally and we'll look at the component we think may be faulty".

In a statement issued on Wednesday (20 October), Vauxhall said that although the number of incidents is very low in proportion to the number of vehicles on the road, they were taking the issue "very seriously."

It added that concerned Zafira B owners or those noticing "any unusual characteristics with the heating and ventilation system" should contact their Vauxhall dealer and arrange for a free inspection of the vehicle.