The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead's mid season finale, episode eight, will air in the UK on 30 November 2015 on Fox FOX

Viewers have experienced all the emotions throughout the first half of The Walking Dead's season six with death, threats and bombshells in abundance. Everything that could possibly go wrong for the survivors has, from the Wolves tribe infiltrating the walls of Alexandria to several group members including Glenn, Daryl and Michonne getting lost out in the walker-infested wilderness during a mission.

Alongside all the action, season six has perhaps featured the most amount of focus on character development than previous seasons with the lesser known residents of Alexandria given their share of the spotlight and Morgan dominating his own standalone episode.

There is a lot to digest in just eight episodes, so IBTimes UK has broken down all the key moments from the first part of season six as the mid-season finale, episode Start To Finish, approaches...

When Wolves attack

The idyllic scenery of Alexandria was rudely interrupted by the invasion of the Wolves, a group of machete-wielding outsiders hell-bent on causing as much destruction to the community as possible. The attack caused a major fallout and divide among the Alexandrians with Morgan taking one of the members hostage against Carol's orders to kill instead, while a horn sounded off in the middle of the siege diverted the walkers which Rick was trying to draw away.

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The mission that went wrong

Speaking of which, after discovering a large pit of walkers near to Alexandria which threatened their safety, Rick devised a plan to lead the zombies away from their zone. However, when the horn was sounded from Alexandria, it threw them off path and sent them back to the community. This led to the separation of Rick's team with the group leader running off on his own mission to save the day, Michonne and Glenn together, and Daryl, Sasha and Abraham elsewhere.

Is Glenn dead or alive?

Undoubtedly the biggest moment of season six left millions of viewers desperately trying to work out whether Glenn died or survived in episode three, Thank You. His kind-hearted nature almost cost him his life when he gave the cowardly Nicholas another chance. Following the doomed mission to draw the walkers away, Glenn and Nicholas ended up trapped on top of a dumpster while a horde of walkers surrounded them.

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead viewers were left waiting to find out Glenn's fate for four episodes AMC/Fox

Of course, Nicholas chose that moment to shoot himself in the head, sending both he and Glenn tumbling into the sea of the dead. After an excruciating four-week wait, it was confirmed that Glenn was alive and safe thanks to his quick thinking. It was probably a good thing he survived, too, as his wife Maggie revealed she is pregnant with his baby.

The downfall of Alexandria?

There will be no respite for the survivors with the watchtower crashing down on to the wall of Alexandria leaving the group completely exposed to the hundreds of walkers lurking outside. Will they live to see another day and will Daryl, Glenn and the others make it back safely? All will be revealed in the mid-season finale, which will air on 29 November in the US and 30 November in the UK.