Scream Halloween special episode will air on MTV on 18 October Scream/MTV

Halloween is around the corner and MTV has a special treat in the form of its slasher series Scream, which is set to air its Halloween special episode on Tuesday (18 October). While the special premiere is not a part of Scream season 3 – the network has renewed it for another season – it would be a two-hour long feature that might have cues for the upcoming season of the show.

Click here to watch Scream Halloween special episode live online on the official website of the network. The thriller airs on MTV on 18 October at 9/8pm CT.

Scream's special broadcast picks up after the events of the last season that ended on a cliffhanger, but also features a time-gap of around eight months.

The Lakewood 5, who have had an unfortunate school year with so many of their friends being murdered by Piper's accomplice – Kieran, will try and escape their town in the Halloween special episode.

But, as they leave for their vacation, another mystery and probably a familiar killer awaits them on the other side. In the trailer for the special premiere, a motel receptionist is seen welcoming a certain guest as "Mr James". Does this mean that the real Brandon James is back in Lakewood to haunt the gang?

According to the official synopsis of the episode, months after the serial killings, "Emma is struggling to focus on her future". Considering her closeness with Kieran it should not come as a surprise if she is the one to take the fall, while the rest of the Lakewood teens continue to move ahead in their life.

Watch the trailer for Scream Halloween special episode here:

Things will get even more intense, when the five lead characters head to the Shallow Grove Island, where a Lizzy Borden-esque murder has already taken place. The pack led by best-selling author duo Noah and Stavo are attracted to the place because of the mystery and intrigue associated with it, which also serves as the perfect fodder for a horror novel.

Unfortunately, vacations in MTV Scream aren't a happy affair, as soon Emma will receive a familiar call amid a killing spree that involves a pair of hedge-clippers this time. Assuming that the real Mr James is indeed back, has he returned to take revenge? If yes, from whom? Is it Emma or her mother Maggie Duval, or both of them?

Catch the thrilling Halloween special episode and clues for Scream season 3 on this Tuesday on MTV.