Kim Kardashian sandbagging
Kim Kardashian is said to be a huge fan of the sandbagging beauty trend Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Sandbagging is the latest make-up technique which has sent beauty experts into a frenzy. Following on from the strobing and baking craze, sandbagging has been mastered by contouring queen Kim Kardashian and promises to leave your face flawless and smudge-free. So how does the technique actually work and, more importantly, will it break the bank?

Whereas strobing and baking were on the extreme end of make-up application, sandbagging might be the most helpful technique yet. The aim is to completely conceal dark circles under the eyes without creasing and create staying power for lipstick so it becomes smudge-free and lasts for hours without any reapplication.

Kardashian's long-time make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic, known as @MakeUpByMario on Instagram, revealed the beauty secret in 2015 and gave a step-by-step guide on how to sandbag using the reality star as his model. Many swear by the technique and the results do look fabulous so IBTimes UK answers all your questions on sandbagging and how you can achieve a crease-free look.

What is sandbagging?

Contouring aims to sculpt your cheekbones and strobing highlights certain areas of your face but sandbagging is all about creating a long-lasting effect while erasing those creases. It can be a nightmare when your concealer and lipstick begins to fade through the day but sandbagging should keep it in one place.

What products do you need to sandbag?

Compared to techniques like contouring which require tons of products, sandbagging is relatively hassle-free. All you need is a make-up sponge, brush and loose powder.

How do you sandbag?

Based on various tutorials, you should start off by applying your foundation and base as normal. Next, dip your sponge into the loose powder and begin dabbing it right under your waterline making sure the area is completely covered. If you wish, do the same under your lips, again ensuring there is a thick layer of powder.

Continue applying the rest of your make-up, allowing the powder to absorb any oil that would otherwise ruin your look. When everything is done, simply brush off the excess powder where you previously applied and you should have the finished look.

Will sandbagging work with my skin type?

Sandbagging is the ideal technique for those with oily skin as it absorbs excess oil which will no doubt wreak havoc on your make-up later. However, please always check the products used, in this case powder, are suitable to your individual skin type and consult a dermatologist should you have any concerns.

Strobing became the hot beauty technique of 2015 and highlights the face in areas which will attract light Missy Lynn/Instagram