Wolfenstein The Old Blood
Cover art for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. Bethesda Softworks

Bethesda Softworks has teased the inclusion of Nazi zombies in their upcoming Wolfenstein: The New Order spin-off The Old Blood. A short vine shows a series of rapidly decomposing Nazi soldiers before a reminder of the new game's imminent release date.

The series of images has an vintage film filter layered over the top and ends with what appears to be one of the zombies moving in the game. The story concerns series protagonist BJ Blazkowicz breaking into Castle Wolfenstein to locate a compound and uncover artefacts with the power to release a "dark and ancient power".

We're willing to bet that dark and ancient power turns Nazis into Nazi zombies, and we'd be shocked if Blazkowicz didn't re-kill of a whole bunch of them across the game's two parts: Rudi Jäger and The Den of Wolves.

Development at MachineGames started in 2014 following the release of The New Order, a fully-fledged Wolfenstein sequel that surprised a lot of people with its quality. The Old Blood is a shorter spin-off of single player content that might have once been released as DLC but is here set for release separately at a discounted price.

Players will be able to purchase the game digitally on Xbox One and PC on Tuesday 5 May and Wednesday 6 May for PS4. Physical retail copies of the game will go on sale on Friday 15 May.