Cities Skylines
An impressive cityscape in Cities: Skylines. Paradox Interactive

Cities: Skylines has proven to be something a phenomena in the video game world since its release in early March, and its success doesn't look like it'll be slowing down any time soon with 5,000 mods created for the city management game within just a few days.

Speaking to MCV, COO of Cities' publisher Paradox Interactive said: "The modding community has just completely embraced the game. I think we had 5,000 mods within the first few days of the game releasing - I don't think anyone really expected that level of engagement. The community basically formed and started building overnight."

The success of Skylines lies in its appeal to fans of EA and Maxim's SimCity games, the latest of which proved a massive failure in 2013 both in terms of its limiting design and its botched online launch, which rendered the game unplayable for many days.

Cities: Skylines meanwhile sold 60,000 copies in the UK alone during its first 10 days on sale.

Of the mods created for the game so far, some of the most notable include a sun that moves across the sky and affects lighting, American-style roads, a first person multiplayer mode in early development and numerous improvements to the core game assets.

The number of mods now available from the game's Steam Workshop page now tops 10,000, including roughly 4,000 save games and a huge amount of new buildings for players to add to their cities.

"We know from our other titles how incredibly important the modding scene is to keep a game's community vibrant and keep a title going for a long time," continued Graham. "So it has always been very important and a big focus for us."