Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran
Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran attended the 2016 MTV Movie Awards Getty

Farrah Abraham and former boyfriend Simon Saran are no friendly exes. The Teen Mom OG stars took to Twitter on 11 July and hurled insults at each other.

The Twitter war began with Saran mocking Abraham's new MTV show Single AF, and the Teen Mom OG star didn't hold back with her replies and even accused him of "stalking" and using her for money.

Simon tweeted, "#MTVSingeAF wasted all that money traveling the world and couldn't find Farrah a date! Damn you guys f--king suck! #MTVSingeAF."

Farrah quickly responded, "I'm happy I get to travel the world and meet great people unlike you at home stalking my dates and social Thank me for making you! Jealous" In another tweet, the 26-year-old wrote, "FYI Simon is not in my life and really is hurt I've moved on. Free ride is over! Stop talking about me if you're over me lmao."

Saran then shot back and wrote "Worst free ride ever!" before Abraham called him "pathetic" and accused him of seeking "attention". She wrote, "Why are you trying to get attention, you're pathetic & I'm a great mother, professional, friend & women. Go STOP using me for money."

The MTV star tweeted at her ex that he should be "thankful not hateful" that she got him his own upcoming MTV special, Being Simon. "Thanks2me you got your own "Being Simon " special LMAO Simon wants to be on tv so much! F*****g joke! Be thankful not hateful," she tweeted.

Abraham also shared a screenshot of an alleged conversation between her and Simon and tweeted, "Simon you wanna lie this is you just texting me get a life- no one wants your nasty low lifestyle your hateful, user, fame w***e."

Abraham, who celebrated her 26th birthday with a big bash at Boutique Restaurant in New York City on 3 June spoke to E! News about her ex-Saran. She was quoted as saying, "Simon and I are cordial. We are friends—or trying to be. If it doesn't work out to be friends in the future I am happy I tried to be friends with an ex."