YouTube has started blocking videos for those using ad blockers. Pexels

YouTube is now blocking video playback if it detects an ad blocker. To recap, the video-sharing company started testing anti-ad blocking measures back in May.

In line with this, YouTube introduced a three-strike policy for those using ad blockers to watch YouTube videos. While YouTube started warning about using ad blockers, it did not disable videos at the time.

Continuing its war on ad-blockers, YouTube has now launched a global effort to restrict people from using ad-blockers on the platform.

Some YouTube users have reportedly spotted these warnings that claim ad-blockers violated YouTube's terms of service. So, the only option left is to watch YouTube with ads and disable the ad blocker. Alternatively, you can subscribe to YouTube Premium.

While some users were able to close these messages, other users noted there was a timer that prevented them from closing the message right away.

Although those messages can be dismissed, it will be very annoying to see them on every single video. In a statement to The Verge, YouTube communications manager Christopher Lawton has confirmed that the platform has launched a global effort to crack down on ad blockers.

Lawton also pointed out that the "use of ad blockers" violates the platform's terms of service. The top executive added that "ads support a diverse ecosystem of creators globally and allow billions to access their favourite content on YouTube".

Is it time to get YouTube Premium?

It is worth noting that YouTube is a business and the ads we see keep the company profitable. Also, ads encourage YouTube creators to keep making content for you to enjoy. However, ads are not their only source of revenue.

Currently, YouTube has increased the number of ads and raised their run times. Moreover, there are fewer skip buttons, making YouTube adverts more annoying. According to the folks at Tom's Guide, this appears to be a deliberate attempt to push people towards YouTube Premium.

As a result, people have started using ad-blockers. Rather than dealing with "adpocalypse", YouTube is forcing users to watch these ads. According to Wikitubia, the term adpocalypse was introduced in 2017 to describe the mass "advertiser boycotts and withdrawals on YouTube".

However, it is safe to assume that Google isn't likely to end its crackdown on ad blockers anytime soon. In other words, users will see warning messages pop up at some point. Interestingly, some people have found workarounds to this.

Apparently, you can bypass anti-ad-blocker messages by convincing YouTube you are using a Windows Phone. Moreover, the ad blockers will probably come up with ways to bypass the warnings in the future.

In the meantime, Google is sparing no effort to improve its widely popular video-sharing platform. In line with this, the company is testing games called Playables, which can be played on the YouTube app and website.