Android N
The hotly anticipated Android N comes with split screen and picture-in-picture modes to make multitasking on a mobile device or TV easier Google

Google has announced that the official name for the Android N 7.0 update will be Nougat. The official name was finally decided by the company after going through names of sweet treats suggested by the public.

Although Nougat was always a popular suggestion most people had predicted Nutella to be the top pick. However, the company did not reveal whether Nougat was the most popular voted name or a name preferred by Google. In the past the company has named Android's OS version on sweet treats like jelly bean, KitKat, ice-cream sandwich and marshmallow.

The Android Nougat update will be succeeding the Marshmallow update which was revealed last year in September and started rolling out in November. The Marshmallow update is in fact still in the rolling out phase as many handsets are yet to receive it.

As for Android N, the first developer preview of the OS was unveiled by Google in March. The current version available to developers and public testers will undergo its final tests this month, post which the final version is expected to be unveiled. As of now, there is no official date set for the release of the OS, but keeping in mind Google's past records it could be showcased at a large event, which most likely will be held in September.

The Android N will feature a host of new elements like split screen mode, bundled notifications, upgraded doze mode and more. The upcoming OS also has Daydream, Google's new VR platform, baked in, but will only be supported on compatible handsets. To check out the best features of the upcoming Android Nougat in detail click here.