Booster Gold
Time-travelling superhero Booster Gold DC Comics

Combining the time-travelling genre along with the current favourite trend of bringing superheroes to the big screen definitely sounds like a sure shot winner. So its difficult to go wrong when you think about taking an already established DC comics character like Booster Gold, and bringing him to the big screen in a live action film. And who better to do it than Back To The Future trilogy writer Bob Gale, right? Well, as much as we would want that, Gale is not game.

"No", he told ComicBook when asked whether he would be interested in writing the rumoured Booster Gold/Blue Beetle movie. "I've read Booster Gold and it's a lot of fun, but I've come to the point where I've decided working with other people's IP [Intellectual Property]; it's really hard. You're always going to p**s people off."

"I've got enough original stories that I want to tell. That's what I want to work on. No matter how good a comic book movie is, there's always going to be people complaining about it -- or you can totally misfire like the last Fantastic Four movie, and for my money I've got to tell you, I'm OD'ed on these movies. They all seem to be pretty much the same. They all are kind of following a formula. They are all way too long. It's all special effects at the expense of good characters," he added.

Well, this definitely clears the writer's stand on the current Hollywood debate of superhero fatigue. Gale wrote for DC Comics on a number of 1990s Batman comics and has worked with Marvel on The Amazing Spider-Man comics.