• A rented van ploughed through Las Ramblas in Barcelona, killing 13 people including a 3-year-old. Emergency services say 100 people have been injured, 15 seriously.
  • Isis has claimed responsibility via its Amaq News Agency.
  • Three people have been arrested, Catalonia's regional president has said.
  • One of the suspects is Driss Oukabir who reportedly turned himself in.
  • Police also shot dead five people in a vehicle who tried to launch a similar attack in Cambrils, 100km away.
  • Six people have been injured, including a police officer, in the Cambril attack. One of the injured people later died, according to emergency services.
  • The Cambril attackers were wearing fake suicide bomb vests.
  • An explosion in a house in Alcanar, 180km away from Barcelona, on the night of 16 August, is now linked to the attacks. The blast, in which one person had died, was initially thought to be due to a gas explosion.
  • Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has called the deadly vehicular attack in Barcelona "jihadi terrorism". Read the full story here.
Barcelona crash
Police and an ambulance staff work in a cordoned-off area after a van ploughed into a crowd on the Ramblas in Barcelona Josep Lago/AFP

The U.N. Security Council is strongly condemning the terrorist attack in Barcelona and paying tribute to the innocent victims.

Egypt's U.N. Ambassador Amr Abdellatif Aboulatta, the council president, began Friday's meeting on Yemen denouncing Thursday's deadly attack in Spain.

He said: "On behalf of the members of the Security Council, I should like to condemn in the strongest terms the unconscionable terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain, which targeted innocent civilians."

Aboulatta said the Security Council sends its "deepest condolences" to the families. Many ambassadors and diplomats stood with their heads bowed in tribute.


Barcelona and Real Madrid have held a minute of silence for the victims of the attacks in Spain before their training sessions.

Real Madrid players huddled Friday before beginning their activities at the team's training center in Madrid, while Barcelona's squad lined up in silence before its practice session at the team's headquarters.

Barcelona team President Josep Bartomeu joined thousands at a minute of silence near where the driver of a van started an attack Thursday that killed at least 13 people and injured more than 100 others in Barcelona.

There will be a minute of silence held before every Spanish league game this weekend, beginning with Friday's opening matches: Leganes vs. Alaves and Valencia vs. Las Palmas.

Other soccer leagues across Europe have also planned acts to honor the victims of the attacks. The French league will hold a minute of silence before games.


Two memorials to the victims have grown on Barcelona's historic Las Ramblas promenade — one at the top near where the van jumped the curb, the other on the Joan Miro mosaic embedded in the pavement where it stopped.

An ever-expanding jumble of flags, candles, teddy bears and flowers were placed at the base of the ornate Canaletes Fountain. "We are not afraid! We are not afraid!" onlookers chanted in Spanish.

Jesus Borrull, a lifelong resident, gently pushed through the crowd to kneel and pray in front of the fountain. Legend has it that visitors who drink from the fountain will fall in love with Barcelona and return to the city.

Borrull says "the only thing we can do is go forward with peace and goodness ... even though it's difficult, we have to do it."

At the other memorial, bystanders held signs declaring they are not afraid. A guitar player strummed out "Imagine" by John Lennon while several people sang along.


IBTimes UK has created a list of maps to explain how the Las Ramblas attack unfolded. Full article here.



The UK Prime Minister Theresa May has offered her condolences after the attack. She added that "a number of British nationals were caught up in the attack", possibly including a missing child.

Watch May's speech here:

Theresa May: 'Terrorism is the great threat that we all face' ITN


The State Department says at least one American was killed and one was injured in the terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils, Spain.

The department said Friday that diplomats from the U.S. consulate in Barcelona are continuing to work with local authorities to identify victims and provide assistance to Americans.

The department did not identify either of the Americans, but said the injured person suffered only a minor wound.


Spanish authorities are still investigating whether a car that rammed a police checkpoint in the confused hours after the Barcelona van attack on Thursday was linked to the bloodshed in the city.

Catalan police chief Josep Lluis Trapero said the driver of a Ford Focus rammed the control post and wounded a sergeant. Another officer shot at the car, which stopped, he said. Police found a dead body inside and first thought they had shot and killed the person, but forensic reports showed it was a knife wound.

Trapero said a second person may have been in the car. He said it was unclear how or whether it was linked to the other attacks in Spain on Thursday and Friday.


Italy's premier has released the names of two Italians slain in the Barcelona van attack.

Premier Gentiloni tweeted Friday that "Italy remembers Bruno Gulotta and Luca Russo and gathers tight around their families. Freedom will conquer the barbarianism of terrorism."

Gulotta, 35, was hailed in his hometown of Legnano as a hero for putting himself between the van and his 6-year-old son and 7-month-old daughter as he strolled with his wife Thursday in the Spanish city.

Italian media reported that Russo, 25, held a university degree in engineering and lived in northern Italy. An Italian officials said Russo's girlfriend suffered fractures and remains hospitalized.

Verrecchia said two other Italians were injured but have since been released from the hospital.


Britain's Queen Elizabeth II has offered her sympathies to the King of Spain and to the nation following attacks in in Barcelona and the seaside community of Cambrils.
The British monarch says it is "deeply upsetting when innocent people are put at risk in this way when going about their daily lives."

The queen said Friday that she and Prince Philip offer sincere condolences and that their thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones or are in the hospital.

Fourteen people died and over 100 were injured in attacks Thursday and early Friday.


Police in Spain say that attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils had been prepared some time ago.

Senior police official Josep Lluis Trapero said Friday police believe the two attacks were connected with an explosion in a house in the town of Alcanar on Wednesday in which one person was killed. Police believe one of the person injured in that blast and now arrested had links to the two attacks.

Trapero said Cambrils terrorists carried an axe and knives in the car and body belts with false explosives.

Four people have been arrested in all. Thirteen people were killed in the attack in Barcelona on Thursday and one in the resort town Cambrils early Friday.


Turkey's president has condemned the van attack in Barcelona, Spain, in which 13 people were killed.

Speaking to reporters in Istanbul on Friday, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he "strongly condemned" the attack.

State-run Anadolu news agency reports that Erdogan sent a note offering condolences to King Felipe VI earlier in the day.

Turkish media reports that 33-year-old Turkish businessman Emre Eroglu was injured in the attack. Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has instructed Turkish consular officials to accompany him at the hospital and says he is in good condition and has received surgery on a broken foot.


Pope Francis says the extremist attack in Barcelona gravely offends God.

Francis sent a condolence telegram Friday to Barcelona's cardinal, expressing "sorrow and pain" over "such an inhumane action."

In his message, the pope "once again condemns blind violence, which is a very grave offense to the Creator."

He offered his blessing for all the victims, their families and "all the beloved Spanish people."

Francis also expressed "sadness and pain" over the news of the "cruel terrorist attack that has sown death and sorrow on the Rambla of Barcelona."


Police chief Josep Lluis Trapero, who is leading the investigation, has said during a press conference that the identity of the man who drove then van into a crowd in Barcelona has not been confirmed yet.

He also said the driver could be among the five suspects killed as they tried to carry out a similar attack in Cambrils.

Earlier today, local media reported that police believe Moussa Oukabir could be the fourth suspect behind the Barcelona attack.

Oukabir – brother of Driss Oukabir, who reportedly turned himself in – is still on the loose.


IBTimes UK has compiled a list of all majour terror attacks that have occurred in Europe since 2015. Isis terror group has claimed responsibility for the majority of these attacks.


Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel has sent her condolences to the families of the victims and said "terrorism can never defeat us".

"We are united in our resolve not to allow these murderers to stop us living our way of life," she said.

Watch her full speech below:

Angela Merkel says terrorism 'can never defeat us' after Barcelona attack Reuters


Three people arrested with link to Catalonia attacks are from Morocco and one from Spain, a police official was quoted by Reuters as saying.


Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy says the fight against terrorism is a "global battle" and Europe's main problem after two attacks in Catalonia that killed 14 people.

Rajoy also thanked the emergency services for their work and messages of support from around the world after the van attack in Barcelona killed 13 people, and subsequent violence in the seaside resort of Cambrils that killed one woman.

Rajoy was speaking at a joint news conference in Barcelona with Catalan regional president Carles Puigdemont.


Police say a fourth person has been arrested in connection with the attacks in Barcelona and resort of Cambrils, according to Reuters.

The identity of the person who was arrested has not yet been revealed.


Poland's interior minister says "Europe should wake up" after the Barcelona attack and realize it's dealing with a "clash of civilizations" that proves his government's point that accepting migrants is a tragedy for Europe.

Mariusz Blaszczak says Friday his country is safe because "we do not have Muslim communities which are enclaves, which are a natural support base for Islamic terrorists."

The ruling Law and Justice party has taken a strong anti-migrant stance, refusing to accept any refugees in a European Union resettlement plan, creating tensions with Brussels.

Blaszczak insisted late Thursday on state TVP that Warsaw will not succumb to EU pressure because it is putting Poland's security needs first.

He said: "The refugee resettlement system is a system that is encouraging millions of people to come to Europe."


When a few people raised Spanish and Catalan flags before the minute of silence for the Barcelona attack victims, the crowd quickly rebuked them for trying to politicize the solemn event.

The crowd urged them to lower the flags, chanting "Fuera la bandera," or "Get rid of the flags."

It was a rare moment when the question of whether the Catalonia region should become independent from Spain didn't divide people. Polls show the region is split ahead of a planned referendum, which Spain's central government considers would be illegal to hold, on Oct. 1.

Anna Esquerdo, a lifelong Barcelona resident who works in a uniform apparel store, said "we're here for the victims and to protest what happened. This is not about anyone's politics."


Another Italian citizen is believed to have been killed in the Barcelona attack.

An Italian foreign ministry official was quoted by Reuters as saying two Italians were among those confirmed dead.

Stefano Verrecchia, who heads the ministry's crisis unit, said authorities had not yet disclosed the victims' name.

However, one of the victims is believed to be 35-year-old Bruno Gulotta, an Italian father of two.


Israel's president has expressed his nation's sympathy to the people of Spain and said the world must join together to fight terrorism.

Reuven Rivlin on Friday sent a letter of condolences to King Felipe VI after the bloodshed in Barcelona.

Rivlin said "terrorism is terrorism is terrorism, whether it takes place in Barcelona, Paris, Istanbul or Jerusalem."

He said "these horrific events once again prove that we must all stand united in the fight against those who seek to use violence to stifle individual liberty and freedom of thought and belief, and continue to destroy the lives of so many."

Israel is coping with a wave of deadly Palestinian attacks against civilians and security forces that erupted in 2015.

Palestinians say it stems from anger at decades of Israeli rule in territories they claim for a state.


The UK Foreign Office has said it is helping a number of British nationals affected by the attack.

"Our thoughts are with the victims of these terrible attacks and the people of Spain," a spokesperson was quoted by the Guardian as saying.

"We are currently assisting a small number of British people affected and are working to find out if any more need our help. We have deployed additional staff to Barcelona and have offered support to the Spanish authorities."


The death toll has risen to 14, after authorities said a woman injured during the Cambrils attack has now died.