Celebrity Big Brother 2015
The Big Brother house saw the return of Perez Hilton. Channel 5

The power of the Perez effect was evident when the celebrity blogger returned to the Big Brother house, causing it descend into chaos once more.

The gossip columnists arch nemesis in the house, Katie Hopkins, was less than pleased to see the return of the US blogger as it was revealed that his exit from the show was staged.

Making a triumphant return, Perez couldn't help but stir things up, riling Hopkins and goading Nadia Sawalha into a verbal spat with Calum Best.

It was revealed that Perez will be up for eviction for the rest of his time in the house following a public vote. The controversial personality said he welcomed the sentence. "'Yes, yes - please send me home, send me home. Hopefully I will go home on Friday," he said.

When told by Hopkins that the British public had spoken, revealing their feelings for him, Perez responded to her comment saying: "I don't give a s*** about the British public."

His statement rattled the Apprentice star who berated him, and in a sequence that was akin to a pantomime performance, the two engaged in a bizarre kiss chase as they lashed out at each other.

Perez revealed that he had been spying on the housemates and accused Hopkins of being two-faced. "I've been watching you all the whole, entire time. And I found it very enlightening. I heard everything," he said.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015
Katie Hopkins couldn't hide her dismay at Perez's return. Channel 5

While Nadia had, in Perez's absence, appeared to be building bridges with her fellow housemates, she reverted back to her earlier behaviour after being reunited with her ally in the house. She launched into a tirade against Hopkins and Calum and proceeded to defend Perez.

The Loose Woman's antics have left viewers shocked, with many speculating that she is under the influence of Perez and unable to see just how she is being manipulated. Others have questioned what her choice of a friend in Perez says about her.

"Not many things are more embarrassing than Perez but Nadia allowing herself to be manipulated by him is one of them! #hangurheadinshame #CBB" wrote one Twitter user.

This morning host Philip Schofield commented on Twitter: "Watching #CBB ON +1 for a "smart woman" #Nadiaseems to be, currently, entirely the opposite! I thought she'd be so good, what a shame."

Eamonn Holmes too expressed his concerns at Nadia's allegiance to Perez. He wrote: "Perez is my Friend." If you can judge somebody by the company they keep - I fear for you Nadia. #CBB"

After the latest round of nominations, Katie Hopkins, Nadia and Perez all face eviction on Friday. (30 January)

Celebrity Big Brother is back at 9pm on Channel 5.