The latest issue of Charlie Hebdo can be downloaded as a digital copy for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone.

Dubbed the 'survivors' edition', the latest issue went on sale in France on 14 January and promptly sold out across Paris and beyond, as customers queued up before dawn to secure their copy of the satirical magazine.

Despite a usual print run of just 60,000, five million copies of the magazine are currently being printed, to be sold across France, the UK and beyond a week after two gunmen stormed its Paris offices, shooting dead 12 members of staff.

The magazine's front cover depicts the Prophet Mohamed, crying and holding the Je Suis Charlie message which has been used by millions worldwide as a sign of solidarity against the attacks. Above, a message reads "All is forgiven".

The application and magazine can be downloaded for iOS here, Android here and there's also a Windows Phone version here; the issue costs €2.99. It's worth noting that the entire app and magazine are in French, although it only take a couple of taps, plus the entry of your password (at least on an iOS device) to download the eight-page issue.

After an initial run of three million, Charlie Hebdo increased the total to five million to satisfy demand; the printing was partly funder by the Guardian Media Group and Google, who donated £100,000 and $300,000 respectively.