Harry & Meghan on Netflix
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave a glimpse into their love story in the "Harry & Meghan" Netflix series. Harry & Meghan/Netflix

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle became the brunt of the joke in a stand-up sketch by Simon Brodkin, who mocked how the couple celebrated their Halloween together in 2016.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex talked about the last Halloween party they attended together before the public knew they were a couple in their Netflix docuseries "Harry & Meghan", which came out in December 2022.

"We went to this Halloween party together where we could be completely dressed up and no one would know. I had a bandana and goggles," Prince Harry shared about his costume for the dystopian themed party.

Meghan Markle chimed in: "You borrowed a great costume. And we were like 'well this might be our last shot to just go out and have fun out in the world'", to which her husband added: "Pull the pin on the fun grenade, which we did."

The U.K.-based comedian, who previously performed as Lee Nelson, poked fun at the line where the Duke of Sussex talked about how they "pulled the pin on the fun grenade". Brodkin said in the skit which he uploaded on his TikTok page: "I started off, I wanted to like them. They were making interesting points about racism and misogyny."

He continued: "But then they started calling each other H and M and I just thought, 'Oh do f*** off. Honestly, by the time Harry was describing a particular date with Meghan as the night they, quote, 'pulled the pin on a fun grenade,' I actually started rooting for Prince Andrew."

Prince Andrew quit public life in 2019 because of his friendship with the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Queen Elizabeth II stripped him of his royal patronages and military titles in January 2022 following allegations of rape and sexual abuse by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, which he has since settled out of court.


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Brodkin had the crowd laughing with his comparison of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with Prince Andrew. Some at the comments section also thought his H and M joke was funny.

But there were also those who accused him of spreading hate. One wrote: "You never liked Meghan. You're hateful and fuelling the racism towards her. That you favour a pedophile tops it off and so fitting with your kind."

A second commented: "Pedophilia is not a laughing matter" and a third chimed in: "Pathetic hate."

As for the Halloween party, Prince Harry further shared details about it in his memoir "Spare". He revealed that he phoned his friend Tom Hardy and asked to borrow the whole costume the actor wore in the 2015 movie "Mad Max: Fury Road". He thought he looked funny and a little scary but the important thing was he was unrecognisable.